Gearbox Problems

Gearboxes in cars are intrinsic to getting anywhere – without one you would only have one ‘gear’ which would severely limit your options in both speed and acceleration. “Why don’t I just need 6th gear? It goes fast enough for motorway driving?” Well have you ever tried taking off for stationary in 6th gear? You […]

Check the MOT history of a vehicle
MOT Logo - A1 Clutches There is a new Government website that allows users (motorists) to check the MOT history of a vehicle online, meaning you could save yourself a lot of potential headaches when it comes to buying in the used market. All that is required to run the check is the make and vehicle registration number – […]

Top 10 most common transmission problems – Part 2
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Welcome to part 2 of our Top 10 most common transmission problems, where we run down top faults 6 through 10. As with the first part, there is no specific order to the faults, in either frequency or severity, but keep an eye out for them and give us a call as soon as anything […]

Top 10 most common transmission problems – Part 1
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So, over the course of our time in business we have served a lot of customers, so what are most common ailments that affect the cars of our customers? This section focuses on the top ten most common problems that occur with the transmission.  This is just part one too, phew. So here are the […]

Simpler, Cheaper Repairs for Some Clutch Issues

As well as causing significant damage to your transmission and drive-train, a clutch that is not working correctly can also have a big impact on your finances if it is misdiagnosed. The clutch is tough to get at – whatever car you are driving – but in some cases accessing the clutch can be a […]