Check Your Fluid Levels

The fluids in your car are essentially the lubricating life blood needed to keep things running smoothly. In many of our other blog posts we have spoken briefly about the advantages of keeping your engine and drivetrain components sufficiently lubricated, and here we look at how you achieve this. These are the most common fluids […]

Gearbox Issues

Gearboxes are a large part of your transmission power train, and therefore they can be expensive to both repair and replace. So it is vitally important to know what is wrong with the gearbox if we are to help save you money on getting it repaired. Here are a few pointers to help diagnose issues, […]

How you know your clutch needs replacing

Hopefully the blog posts on the A1 Clutches Blog have given you some pointers towards spotting when your clutch is on the way out, and some handy hints on how to extend the life of your clutch. This posts seeks to give you examples of how ot know when you are on borrowed time with […]

Dual mass flywheels

What is a dual mass flywheel? Do I have one? Well, most modern vehicles are fitted with a dual mass flywheel now, so if your car is reasonably new the chances are yes, you do have one. What does it do though? Well, it is designed to dampen engine vibrations, delivering a quieter and smoother […]

Basic clutch and gearbox problem troubleshooting

Here we have a look at some of the most common clutch and gearbox problems – and what to look for to spot and diagnose them. Clutch noise – The clutch makes a high pitched noise like a squeal when you press the pedal – This is a sign the bearing must be replaced. The […]