Fast great service

Customer: Jeff Wheeler
Branch: Birmingham
Date: Jan,2018

I booked in my daughters Honda CRV for a new clutch with A1 Clutches, after reading the customers reviews, and receiving a very competitive and reasonable price for a replacement clutch. From the start of the process the service and communication was great, and the time taken to repair was very good (had it done in a day) taking into account it being a four wheel drive vehicle.

When I went to collect it I was presently surprised by the information and customer service supplied with the new clutch. I was informed by Steve that the clutch came with a 2 year 18000 mile warranty, but that they would like me to bring the vehicle back after 500 miles so they could test drive and inspect it to make sure everything was working correctly and then again at other times at certain mileage intervals. If between these times I thought there was a problem, I was to take it straight back and explain the fault, were they would then take the vehicle for a test drive and if there was a fault proceed to repair it under warranty.

I have had a few clutches fitted over time by other firms, but have never had this level of service from them, just the normal any problem bring it back, so because of this I would now put A1 Clutches at the top of my list, and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Thanks to all at A1 involved for great service, and a job well done – Jeff Wheeler

Celica gt 3sge clutch replaced
Customer: Jay
Branch: Birmingham
Date: Jan,2018

I have a few cars and just tried A1 Clutches for the first time due to my upgraded Toyota Celica 1994 gt 3sge clutch slipping in high rev gear changes. I was not confident about were to buy a classic car clutch and fitted also It usually takes a few days in some garage but these lads had me sorted within the first call with a decent price of £295 warranty for 2 years 18000 miles 500 mile free check. Got the car back next day due to me being fussy about a specific exedy clutch and believe me the clutch is fantastic. I drive my car with pleasure and it feels like new since. Thanks a lot lads Jay Black Celica gt4 replica

Clutch and coil pack repair/replacement
Customer: David Potter
Branch: Derby
Date: Jan,2018

A+ customer service, A+ speed and A+ value for money.
Brought my car into A1 clutches Derby as my clutch was slipping. They were the cheapest quote I had so at first I was hesitant They phoned me later in the day to inform me I needed another part which would be an extra £80.00. However the work was done within a couple of hours and it was still as cheap as the next few cheapest quotes.

On the drive home my car was still shuddering and I noticed the engine light was out, I brought my car back under the warranty and they were able to diagnose (for free!) that my coil pack was broken. After discussing options they offered to replace the coil pack and spark plugs for a very reasonable rate plus an oil change as well. This repair was also completed within hours as well as a complimentary spark plug replacement for being a loyal customer.

After picking up my car I was able to drive it home completely smooth and since then it has done hundreds of miles with no problem.

All through out this the branch manager, Tony was friendly and up front about my car and costs.

Professional, Efficient & Honest
Customer: Mo Uddin
Branch: Birmingham
Date: Jan,2018

I have recently been messed around by garages / mechanics until I was recommended to A1 Clutches. Initially the Tipton branch but as I work in Birmingham – made sense to book into the Digbeth branch. Same company – same ethics I thought.

I can not comment on the Tipton branch but certainly the Birmingham branch is a very professional, efficient and honest company.

I made a website enquiry and received a call from Steve. I explained my issues over the phone and it was clear to me his knowledge in his industry was of a high standard. After a discussion – there was no talk of garage availability – in fact, I took the car in at 9am the same day and by 1pm I had a call to day it was done.

I didn’t need to worry about how I would get to the garage to pick the car up because Steve gave me a courtesy car!

The aftercare provided is great. I received a full vehicle inspection report and details of the warranty for my parts for 12 months!

I am to bring my car back over 4 times in the year following the work being carried out and that felt reassured in the knowledge that if anything were to go wrong A1 would look to fix the issue under the warranty!

As steep as they are (clutch, dual mass fly wheel, slave) in terms of cost. I was quoted the cheapest by Steve.

The customer service provided by this company is of a great standard and you should be proud together with the high standard of work you do!

I will definitely be using you again and will always recommend A1 Clutches to all my friends and family!

Thank you again – keep up the good work!

Be seeing you 🧐👌🏽

Branch: Derby
Date: Jan,2018