How Often Should You Change Your Battery?

Car batteries are the first link in the chain of your car’s drivetrain. They power the starter motor, without which you would be pretty stuck. While they also power your electronics within the vehicle, and charge while you are motoring along, the starting up of your car often puts the biggest drain on them. Turning […]

Get your Car Ready for Summer!

Summer is finally here – in calendar form if not quite the weather yet, but that gives you a bit more time to get your car ready for summer for when the heat does hit… I realise this might be a little optimistic, but there is no point being any other way! So – what […]

Common MOT Failure Points
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                  MOT tests as we saw in an earlier post have been around for a long time. Gradually over time the test has expanded to meet the changing advancements of the motor industry, and this has resulted in a test that now checks more safety elements of […]

Road Trip! Get Your Car Ready
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  Summer is fast approaching and that means longer days, warmer temperature and for some of us, the allure of the road begins to call more loudly! Road Trip! Whether it is a Trans-European affair, crossing the Pyrenees, coasting around the Italian great lakes, or something a bit closer to home and taking in the […]

Benefits to Your Car of Regular Servicing
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Servicing your car at the suggested service intervals is highly recommended to ensure you keep your car in tip top condition. Driving is already expensive enough, and you may think that the cost of servicing is an extra that you do not need but regular servicing can extend the life of your car and make […]