Prepare your Vehicle for Easter

After a long winter, the long awaited Easter break is just around the corner the ideal time to give your vehicle a thorough check over, particularly if you are hoping to get away for a family break over the holiday period.

Millions of motorists are expected to hit the roads this Easter holiday, before hitting the roads you need to minimise the chance of breakdown before you take off on your journey. Regardless of whether it’s a day out with the children, or a few days unwinding – this is the ideal time to book your vehicle in with a specialist such as A1 Clutches for a service and check up.

In addition to your service there are a few basic checks that you can do yourself to give you peace of mind on your Easter holiday travels.

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Windscreen washer: Top up your windscreen washer bottle frequently as clear vision when driving is essential especially on long motorway journeys.

Water: The coolant level in your vehicle should be checked frequently do not do this when the engine is hot. Adding antifreeze is not essential in spring and summer but it prevents the development of erosion inside the cooling system.

Engine oil: Last but not least the oil in your vehicle is the life blood of your engine and you need to check the level is correct using the dipstick every two or three weeks and before setting off on any long trips.


Your windscreen is an important part of your vehicle as good vision is essential when driving, check for any cracks or stone chips in your windscreen. Damage of up to 40mm across can sometimes be repaired and most insurance policies cover repairs very often without affecting your no claims bonus.

Wiper blades
If your wiper blades leave streaks, smears or scrape across your windscreen then it is time to change your wipers, this should be done every 12 months to ensure optimum performance.

Ensure your tyres are the right pressure (the pressure required is normally found in your owners handbook and on the inside of your fuel filler cap). Ideally tyre pressure should be checked every 2/3 weeks. The pressure required will vary based on the number of passengers in your vehicle and anything heavy in your boot.

Check the depth of your tyre tread the minimum legal requirement in the UK is 1.6mm, across the central three-quarters of the tyre, check for any lumps or cuts in the side wall of the tyre and do not forget to check your spare wheel.


Ensure that the unforgiving winter climate has not affected your vehicles bodywork. You may only clean your vehicle a couple times annually but now is the time to act swiftly to avoid rust taking hold. A good careful clean will highlight any concealed scratches or damage on your vehicle that you may not have seen through the build up of winter dirt.

Tool kit

Your vehicle will be supplied with a tool kit that includes a jack and a special tool for removing locking wheel nuts make sure you are aware of the location points for the jack this information will be in your owners handbook.

The above check will help keep you, your passengers and your vehicle safe on the roads this Easter holiday all you need now is some sunny weather to enjoy your Easter break and remember to avoid traffic jams plan your journey in advance and avoid travelling at peak times.

The management and staff of A1 Clutches would like to wish all our customers a Happy Easter!!!