How long should a clutch last? How many miles does yours have on it?

The main thing to remember is that clutches wear out. They wear out surprisingly slowly, considered the massive forces they endure during operation, but they will eventually go. Predicting how long a clutch will last is a much trickier question, as there are so many variables. As a few of our blog posts have highlighted, […]

5 warning signs not to be ignored!
WarningSign - A1 Clutches

Another one in our series of posts about what to look out for as the early warning signs of clutch and transmission trouble.  If you notice any of these signs, give A1 Clutches a call to have your vehicle checked. The first in our list is: Slipping transmission You are driving along, without changing gear […]

How Can You Save Money On Your MOT?

This little guide offers top tips on saving money on your MOT when it comes time for your renewal. The actual MOT testing fee is not usually that high – it is the work that needs doing to get your car to pass the MOT test that is the costly part. These tips will hopefully […]

Reduce Consumption – Increase MPG

These two obviously go hand in hand – the more you can reduce your actual fuel consumption, the higher the figure for your miles per gallon of fuel used will be. So what can you do to reduce your consumption? Other than simply reducing your mileage, which in most cases is not an option, what […]

Essential Car Maintenance – Engine Oil

Your car’s engine oil is absolutely essential to the smooth running of your engine – or in fact, the running of it at all. Lubricating the engine, it hugely reduces the friction and stops the build up of excessive heat from the many metal on metal moving parts that would otherwise spell disaster for the […]