Benefits to Your Car of Regular Servicing

A1 Clutches Technicians

Servicing your car at the suggested service intervals is highly recommended to ensure you keep your car in tip top condition. Driving is already expensive enough, and you may think that the cost of servicing is an extra that you do not need but regular servicing can extend the life of your car and make […]

The History of the MOT
Derby Branch | A1 Clutches

The History of the MOT What actually is an MOT? Let the team at A1 Clutches explain, an MOT is a yearly examination of cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV) ensuring they meet the minimum standard as set out by the Ministry Of Transport (the MOT). It is required on almost all vehicles over 3 […]

Manual or Automatic?

As automatic transmission cars become ever more popular, this question may come up when you come to buy your next motor. “Should I get a manual or an automatic?!” There will obviously be fans of each type in their respective corners, but what about the practicalities? We are going to discuss a few of the […]

Top tips to avoid wearing out your clutch quickly

As the clutch in your car is constantly subjected to friction (its job after all) it is hardly any surprise that it will wear out one day. Depending on many factors, including your driving style, your clutch could wear quicker than it might. You might get 30,000 miles or less from a clutch, or if […]

The top 5 things that can go wrong with your clutch

Have you ever heard a strange noise when you let the clutch out? Sometimes it can be a squealing noise and in some cases it can be a grinding noise – either one is very unsettling! Equally a rattle or a clicking sound can cause distress and all of these symptoms mean a trip to […]