Love Your Vehicle

Last week we celebrated Valentines Day a day to show our loved ones how much you care for them we should love and care for our vehicles every day please see below our top tips for caring for your vehicle:

  1. Check your fluids
    For your vehicle to stay in tip top condition check your fluids regularly and ensure you keep them topped up.
    Engine Oil
    The life blood of your vehicle the engine oil ensures the smooth running of your engine, keep a litre of oil in your boot and top up as required, check your oil level at least once a week when the engine is cold and your vehicle is on level ground.
    Engine Coolant
    As with your engine oil your check your engine coolant once a week, only do this when your engine is cold as the coolant reaches very high temperatures whilst driving. When checking your reservoir tank if the level if fluid is below the MIN mark add coolant until the level is up to the MAX mark.
    Windscreen Washer Fluid
    Check your owners manual if you can not find your windscreen washer bottle, it usually made of transparent plastic with a blue cap with a picture of a windscreen on the cap. Top up the level to the MAX mark, in the winter months it is advisable to use a screen wash with anti-freeze to avoid the fluid freezing.
    Love your car
  2. Keep your vehicle healthy
    It is important to have your vehicle serviced at regular intervals by a specialist such a A1 Clutches, if something goes wrong with your vehicle get it checked out as soon as possible, putting this off can result in the problem getting worse and causing further damage to your vehicle.
    Many garages will inspect your vehicle or carry out a test drive for you to diagnose the problem free of charge.
  3. Don’t cut corners
    Many motorists cut corners by avoiding regular maintenance and servicing, avoiding spending money in the short term very often results in much bigger bills further down the road. Always check out your garage prior to taking your vehicle, look at the online reviews for the garage you are considering using for peace of mind.
  4. Listen carefully
    Very often you will know when there is something wrong with your vehicle as you will hear a noise that is not normally heard some of the more common noises are:
    a) Brakes Squeaking or Squealing
    b) Steering makes a “whining” noise when turning
    c) Engine sounds noisier than usual
    d) Clutch pedal shudders when releasing it
    e) Clicking when you turn a corner
    It is very important that you do not ignore any unusual noises get you vehicle checked out by a specialist to avoid the problem getting worse.
  5. Avoid bad driving habits
    Your vehicle deserves to be treated with care and attention whilst being driven, avoid revving your engine, do not ride your clutch or drag your brakes while going downhill and most importantly if a warning light comes on get it checked out by a specialist such as A1 Clutches as soon as possible.
  6. Good tyres are vital
    Make sure that you the correct tyres fitted to your vehicle and the tread on the tyres in the UK the law states your tyres must have a minimum of 1.6mm tread depth across 75% of the tyre, you should consider changing your tyres when the tread depth is below 3mm as your tyre performance will start to reduce significantly.
  7. Do not forget important dates
    Just like forgetting to buy your loved ones a card for birthdays and anniversaries it is important to remember the important dates involving your vehicle such as:
    a) Date for your next service
    b) Date for your MOT
    c) Date for your insurance renewal
    d) Date for your road tax renewal
  8. Keep your vehicle clean
    We all like to shower to stay clean and fresh, the same applies to your vehicle regular cleaning ensures your vehicle always look good and prevents the pollutants in the dirt and grime you pick on your journeys damaging your paint work.
    You can call in at your local car valeting service for a range of services from a quick wash to a full valet, many of these companies offer a mobile service who will come to your home or place of work, alternatively you can save yourself some money and wash and polish your vehicle yourself.
  9. Keep on top of your vehicle all year round
    The seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter all bring their own challenges for your vehicle, it is important for your comfort to ensure you stay warm in winter and cool in summer.
    In spring remember to book your vehicle in for an aircon gas check and regas to keep you cool as the temperatures start to rise, in summer prepare your vehicle for longer journeys to your holiday destination. In autumn check your tyres are in good order as road conditions will be more challenging in the wet. During the cold winter weather, do a regular check of your vehicles heating and ventilation systems.