Happy Motor-Homing from A1 Clutches

Motorhome holidays have suddenly become cool in the UK and in the USA such vacations are experiencing a huge boom in sales following a progressive eight-year growth. It is a tempting opportunity for holidaymakers who want to see a lot in a short space of time, and enjoy the experience in the comfort of a luxury vehicle.

Today’s motorhomes have come a long way from the cramped, split windscreen VW caravanette that many of us will remember from our youth. There is now a massive selection of vehicles for you to choose from, whether renting or buying. In the past, motorhome drivers were mostly retirees but that has changed and now they are just as likely to be young families or anyone looking for a less structured holiday. A motorhome is the perfect way of exploring the countryside for a long holiday or a short break. Whether you head for the seaside or the scenic sights of the Scottish Highlands, you can enjoy the freedom of the open road and the excitement of discovering new places from the convenience of having your own home on wheels.

You may consider motor-homing in the winter months and take advantage of off-season bargain hire rates and reduced rates at campsite pitches where many sites have extended seasons or are open all year round. A motorhome can also provide an ‘extra bedroom’ when travelling to events such as anniversary parties or weddings. In the festive season, hooking up to your friends’ mains and staying the night negates the need for a taxi.

If you are fortunate and own your own motorhome, remember to keep your vehicle in good order. Being roadworthy and safe is the key to a happy holiday. A1 Clutches are the Midlands leading motor home maintenance specialists and we recommend that you follow the owner’s manual. We also recommend the following tips to ensure safe and enjoyable driving:

  • Every six months check your vehicle’s roof seal and seams. Water damage, if not taken care of immediately, is costly.
  • Check your brakes regularly. This is vital for your own safety and other road users.
  • To keep your waste water system in good condition, ensure that you use biodegradable toilet paper.
  • Before every journey, check the tyre pressures and wheel nuts.
  • When storing your vehicle for the winter, remove the battery and keep it in a warm place to prevent any possibility of freezing (which would void your warranty).
  • Check your battery before every journey – well maintained batteries should have a life span of three to four years.
  • Cover all vents with polythene and tape them up so they are secure from weather impact and unwanted insects.
  • Replace your motorhome air, fuel, coolant and hydraulic filters regularly. Expense will be incurred as a result of increased fuel usage or overheating issues with the cooling system and oxidisation in the hydraulic system.
  • Oil and filters need changing at regular intervals. This will ensure that your engine runs correctly. Failure to do this could cause your engine major damage and become very costly. Most manufacturers recommend an oil change every 3,000 to 4,500 miles, but you should check your owner’s manual for advice on your own vehicle.

Today’s motorhomes come complete with central heating and are well insulated. At the end of your day, you can come back to your home on wheels, have a lovely hot shower and relax for the evening. Whatever you are doing and wherever you travel, everyone at A1 Clutches wishes you a safe and enjoyable journey.

Happy motor-homing!