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I just felt like I needed to post this here,

Last week I bought a clutch from eBay (big mistake) and asked A1 to fit it for me, they recommended that the clutch I bought was not a very good one but as I was on a budget I had no choice but to carry on with it and hope for the best.

Impressively it took them only 3 or 4 hours to do the job but was told again that the clutch was not the best.

I drove off in the car to find the clutch slipping, so i took the car back to A1 and amazingly they went over and above to help me get it sorted, even though they did not need to they could have quite easily of told me to go away but they never.

Thank you to the guys at A1 Clutches in Tipton. your amazing and can not thank you enough for what youve done for me. you deserve a pay rise 😉 your customer service is second to none.

Excellent service

Excellent service and repair Rebecca the receptionist gave me excellent information and follow up made me very welcome and were £100 cheaper than other quoted received. Perfect from start to finish.

same day service

Very good same day service and a very good price. I am very happy with everything and in the future will go back to this garage again if my van goes wrong
Thank you

Absolutely brilliant

Absolutely brilliant service, phoned yesterday, clutch changed next morning in 5 hours, they did have a bit of trouble getting the bolts out has the gearbox had rusted a bit where an old thermostat had leaked, made me a cup of coffee while I waited and the guy even had his break later so has I could get going, very pleased and the car drives amazing now so much more responsive, didn’t realise just how knackered my old clutch was! Also the cheapest quote by far, I traveled here from Kidderminster, will definitely use them again next time I’m in need of a clutch or gearbox, thanks a lot guys !

amazing service

Your services are so amazing, you are very approachable, good customer service and assurance to the job which is needed to be done and very trusted.

Since I found out A1 clutches garage, I failed to find any other garage which can make me feel so comfortable.