Are You Aware Of Speed On Green Cameras?

All motorists are aware of the yellow speed cameras that can be seen on most roads in the UK today, many motorists also know that some traffic lights have cameras that are activated if you drive through a red light, very few motorists are aware that some traffic lights now have cameras to catch you speeding.

Traffic lights now have three functions:

  1. To operate as normal traffic lights
  2. To catch motorists driving through a red light
  3. To operate as a speed camera

Speed on Green 2

The traffic light camera converts to a speed camera and records your speed using either inductive proximity sensors or ground loops cut into the surface of the road. Should you drive through a red light or exceed the speed limit at traffic lights the camera is activated and takes two pictures one second apart detailing the time and date of the offence, the speed of your vehicle, the road and lane identification.

If you were to drive through a red light exceeding the speed limit you would be committing two separate offences and would receive two tickets.

Speed on Green

Many motorists are under the misconception that there are advance warning signs advising you of an upcoming speed camera, this is not always the case, many of the yellow speed cameras do have advanced warning signs however there are no advanced warning signs for the speed on green cameras. As motorists we all have to accept that driving above the speed limit is dangerous and often results in serious injury or a fatality.

Currently there are twenty different types of cameras on our roads some are just used to gather data for analysis, some are used to monitor traffic flow, some are used by the Police for criminal activity but the vast majority are used to catch speeding motorists generating fines to a value of £284 million each year.