Why is servicing my car important?

Driving isn’t a cheap thing to do – whether for pleasure, or business needs, you pay for your car, for fuel and for the many ancillary things, like oil, lubrication, components that wear out all the way to keeping your car clean at the car wash.  The fact of the matter is though, most people need their car and they could not do without it. Therefore does it not make sense to make sure your car is working at its best potential? Not only will you enjoy driving your car more, it will be more efficient, safer and will cost you less money. Sounds great? Well this is why servicing your car is important!

Servicing | A1 Clutches

What does a service entail? Well, a typical ‘full’ service will address all of the workings of your car. Think of it like a series of small jobs being done on your car to provide an end result greater than the sum of its parts. Changing the air filter and the oil filter, as well as the oil in your car will provide a noticeable lift to performance – your oil filter may be clogged having filtered oil that potentially is not at its bets and is need of a change. Your air filter has filtered out all sorts of particulates, making sure the air in your engine is as clean as it can be – obviously over time this part will wear out and it too can become clogged. New ones will give a boost to your cars efficiency and make it feel more responsive too.

The oil in your car is a vital lubricant, to keep your engine running smoothly. Even though engine oil is tremendously durable, it does need to be changed every now and then, and take our word for it – you do not want to try this at home if you value your drive way or garage! It is a job bets left to professionals with the right tools for the job to avoid a big mess.

What else is checked? Well your brakes pads, discs and callipers will all be checked. Your tyres will be checked too, to make sure they are within the legal limits and they are safe for use.

A full service also checks your lights – to make sure they are working correctly, are set at the correct angle and are again within the legal guidelines – a must for passing your MOT.

As well as providing all of these benefits, the regular servicing of your car can also allow faults to be spotted earlier – as we have mentioned many times in our blog posts the sooner you catch a problem the better, for both your car and your bank balance!

With a freshly serviced car you can be sure that your car is in full working order and you have the satisfaction to drive with confidence knowing it will not let you down.

Here at A1 Clutches we offer a range of car servicing, bespoke to your needs and the needs of your car. Give us a call today to talk with one of our qualified assistants who can get you booked in at a time convenient for you.