1,500 estimated deaths occur each year on UK roads. Less than 400 are recorded as being related to drivers speeding or driving too fast. Going forward, the police will be adjusting their accident reports to include post-accident investigation, which may include forensic evidence of speeding. This may result in a far higher percentage of accidents proven to be cause by divers exceeding the speed limits or driving too fast for the road conditions.

Speeding Car

What does this mean? Put simply, reduce your speed to save lives.

Here are a few useful tips to prevent speeding and be aware of each time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle.

  • Remember – speeding is against the law. Speeding is a bad habit and a speeding vehicle makes the road more hazardous for everyone. Adhere to the speed limits to guarantee optimal safety. Speed limits are put in place to protect all road users.
  • Know your route before you get into your vehicle. Be conscious of the type of road you will be travelling on and the likely speed limit.
  • What frame of mind are you in? Being angry or upset will affect your driving and may cause you to speed. If you are feeling emotional, take some time out and avoid driving until you are feeling better. Take a walk, listen to calming music – anything but putting the pedal to the metal.


  • If you have cruise control, use it. It enables you to set your speed manually and will ensure that you are just below the speed limit. However cruise control is not appropriate on winding roads or in a town or city and you need to check weather
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Leave a little earlier. Drivers speed when they don’t want to be late but it is better to arrive late than to arrive in heaven early.
  • If you tend to speed when you get behind the wheel, consider driving a manual car. Changing gears will make you more aware of the pace increasing.
  • Know the sober facts about speeding. If you hit a pedestrian, they have a 20% higher chance of survival if the vehicle was driving at below 50km per hour.

30 mph


  • The time you think you save by speeding is not worth the risks. Speeding actually saves very little time overall.
  • Save money. With rising fuel costs remember that the more you speed the more fuel you will use. Slow down!
  • Give a speeding driver plenty of space. Don’t get caught up with irresponsible driving by trying to compete. If someone is tailgaiting you, pull over and let them pass. Speeding drivers lose control of their vehicle more easily, keep your distance.

Please drive safely on our roads. Take care of yourself, your family and friends and enjoy happy and pleasurable motoring.

From all the team at A1 Clutches.

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