We offer specialist repairs on gearbox, DMF, CSC and all clutch related hydraulic systems and clutch replacement for your Volvo. So whether you drive a:

  • 200 (1985 – 1993)
  • 300 (1982 – 1991)
  • 400 (1986 – 1997)
  • 700 (1984 – 1992)
  • 800 (1991 – 1996)
  • 900 (1990 – 1998)
  • C30 (2006 – 2013)
  • C70 (1996 – 2005)
  • C70 (2005 – 2013)
  • S40 (1995 – 2004)
  • S40 (2004 – 2012)
  • S60 (2000 – 2010)
  • S60 (2010 – )
  • S70 (1996 – 2000)
  • S80 (1998 – 2006)
  • S80 (2006 – )
  • S90 (1996 – 1998)
  • V40 (1995 – 2004)
  • V40 (2012 – )
  • V40 Cross Country (2013 – )
  • V50 (2004 – 2012)
  • V60 (2010 – )
  • V70 (1996 – 2000)
  • V70 Cross Country (2000 – 2002)
  • V70 (2000 – 2008)
  • V70 (2007 – )
  • V90 (1996 – 1998)
  • XC60 (2008 – )
  • XC70 (2002 – 2007)
  • XC70 (2007 – )
  • XC90 (2003 – )

We can help get your car firing on all cylinders again.

In addition to our offering the best in clutch and gearbox reconditioning, repair and replacement, we also provide a full range of garage services for your Volvo. These include, but are not limited to, battery inspection, general repairs, full servicing and we also hold full MOT capabilities.

So give our team a call, whatever your motoring need, and they will gladly help you and arrange for you to get back on the road. The full range of options is offered at each of our four branches – Birmingham, Cannock, Derby and Tipton – simply choose the branch closest to you for your convenience. We offer vehicle recovery if you require rescuing from the roadside, and we also offer a free courtesy car for you to use while we carry out the repairs to your vehicle. We appreciate how valuable your time is, and we want to make car repairs and maintenance as minimal a distraction as possible.

As an independent business, we are not tied to a particular manufacturer and also we are free to source the highest quality replacement parts for all of our jobs. The beauty of being independent is that we can offer the highest level of care and expertise, without charging main dealership prices. Our technicians are trained to be experts in their field, with many years experience on hand to identify the problems, diagnose the issues and implement the repair. We are a family owned business and are very proud of our 25 year heritage, and we are keen to keep our excellent reputation within the industry by continuing to provide A1 levels of service and care to our customers. 

All of our work is covered by our comprehensive parts and labour warranty. Even better, all of our clutch kits are covered for 2 full years, an industry leading offer. This is part of the reason we get so many happy customer reviews.

Click on the links above to find your closest branch and get in touch today. We will have you back on the road, for less money, in no time!

The Volvo Group is a Swedish manufacturer with its headquarters in Gothenburg. The company primarily produces trucks, buses and construction vehicles – Volvo Cars is a copetely separate entity that was sold off in entirety in 1999 to the Ford Motor Company.

Volvo Cars was founded, also in Gothenburg in 1927, originally owned and founded by SKF – a bearings and seal manufacturing company that diversified their product range 20 years after being founded themselves.

From the very beginning Volvo placed a premium on the safety of passengers, with their managing director and technical manager, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson respectively setting the guiding principle from 1927.

The Volvo trademark was originally registered in 1915 by SKF and was intended to refer to a series of ball bearings aimed at the US market – Volvo is Latin for ‘I Roll’. Starting production of cars in 1927 though the brand tool the name as it was also very applicable to the new brand.

The first model was the OV4 with the 4 standing for the number of cylinders. Volvo manufactured both soft tops and hard tops – all engineered to withstand the brutal weather that Sweden could inflict upon them, consequently quality was extremely high.

Following the Second World War, Volvo made the leap across to the burgeoning American market – Obtaining a foothold they have until this day thanks to their stylish and very reliable cars.

Throughout the 1960’s Volvo manufactured a range of cars aimed at the young market, sports cars although coupled with the bonus of the ability of being able to use them every day. At the start of the 1970s Volvo acquired Dutch brand DAF, known more for their manufacture of trucks and vans. The moce saw Volvo become more utilitarian in both looks and function – the Volvo 340 being the first collaboration, it was manufactured at the Dutch plant and sacrificed nothing in terms of reliability although the looks were in stark contrast to the cars such as the 1800 (driven by The Saint) in the 1960’s.

Ford paid $6.45Bn for Volvo in 1999, and positioned it among the PAG (Premier Automotive Group) alongside other acquisitions Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin. Initially Volvo did very well under the management of Ford, and the sales boomed. However, changing economic landcapes in the mid 2000s saw Ford sell off Jaguar Land Rover to Tata and later Volvo to the Geely Group from China for the rather cut price of $1.5Bn, quit a loss in just 9 years.

As already alluded to, Volvo has a huge heritage in safety and making innovations in this area is common place for Volvo since their very founding. From Blindspot detection to Knee airbags, and cyclist detection, Volvo continues to be at the forefront of safety technologies.

Other innovations that Volvo are at the forefront of include hybrid and electric vehicles. Their Drive-E models are market leading in terms of efficiency without sacrificing any of the performance.

Volvo have a proud heritage in motorsport, primarily focused around rallying and touring cars, having won many World Rally Stages and both the British and European Touring Car Championships.