As students prepare for college and university, many parents and guardians will be anxious about young people taking to the roads. We’ve collated some valuable tips that may be worth considering as the term begins.


If a student is involved in an accident, it is vitally important that they know what to do. Make sure they have a list of procedures to follow:


  • The name of their insurance provider, telephone number and how to make a claim. Most insurance offices now offer an online facility for claims.
  • Whilst still at the scene, note down a detailed description of what happened, and collate as much information as possible, including photographs.
  • All drivers must exchange details – swap names, addresses, telephone numbers, vehicle registration numbers, insurance company details, and policy number.

Are there any witnesses? Get the names, addresses and vehicle registration of witnesses who saw the incident.

Other details

  • Note the date, time, location, weather conditions, traffic conditions, road markings, signs and signals. Keep a record of the vehicles involved, including the make, model, registration number, colour, condition, estimated speed, direction, use of lights/indicators and number of passengers.
  • Keep a record of the people involved, such as the description/distinguishing features of a driver, contact details of passengers, pedestrians/other witnesses, and any police officers involved.
  • Description of the damage to vehicles/property and any injuries and people involved.

The accident must be reported to the insurance company within a reasonable time, even if you do not want to claim. If you don’t, you could invalidate your cover.

Student ‘Taxi’ Drivers

Having your vehicle at college or university can be both a blessing and a curse. The benefit is that you can make a trip to the nearest supermarket or fast-food outlet on a whim. The downside is that you receive endless requests from newfound friends to take them to those same establishments. Young drivers need to be innovative and not get distracted. Passengers must wear seatbelts. When going somewhere unknown, check out the directions on, for example, a sat nav. WAZE or Google Maps. Getting lost is no fun, especially at night or in heavy traffic. Never lend a vehicle to others. Some insurance companies won’t cover the car in the event of an accident if driven by someone unauthorised.

Vehicle Maintenance

Review the owner’s manual. Keeping the vehicle serviced and maintained will help to avoid an unwanted breakdown and extend the car’s life. Take the vehicle to a specialist garage such as A1 Clutches.

Frequent Inspections

Most colleges or universities have parking areas, but ensure the vehicle is checked regularly and protected from vandalism. Vandals and thieves love cars that appear neglected.

Important Information

Every car has an owner’s manual. Does the student know where to locate it? Are they familiar with tyre size, pressure settings, and other essential information? Before they leave for college or university, do a walk-through and show them the ins and outs of their vehicle.


As a rule of thumb for drivers, just like at home, keep all valuables out of sight in your vehicle. You don’t want a thief to break a window and steal your possessions. Lock valuables safely in the boot or better still, take them to your dormitory or apartment.

Always Lock the Doors

Always lock your vehicle doors. The locks are there for a reason—for your protection! The student may consider having an extra set of keys, so they still have access to their vehicle if they misplace keys. Many cars today have fobs. It is difficult to replace these without the key code, so it’s a good idea for parents to keep an extra fob for emergencies safely.


Make it a regular habit to check the vehicle’s fuel. Knowing how much fuel is in the tank will go a long way in keeping them safe and sound.

These tips may seem obvious, but sending your precious family member off to college or university is a daunting task. Equip them with the understanding it takes to be responsible for their vehicle, so they can pass the knowledge on.

All the team at A1 Clutches wishes students, families and friends safe and happy driving.