Tips For Driving In The Dark Winter Nights

When driving at night always leave a greater distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you as judging speed and distance in the dark is much more difficult than in daylight and if your are driving in built up areas be more aware of pedestrians stepping out into the road. If you are setting off on a long journey allow more time when driving in the dark and make sure you have had plenty of rest and that you take plenty of breaks for refreshments and fresh air during your journey as over 40% of all road accidents occur in the dark.

It is illegal to drive on any road in the UK with a bulb not working properly this applies to all bulbs not only your headlight bulbs, our advice is to check all your bulbs at regular intervals you will normally find a selection of spare bulbs in the tool kit supplied by the manufacture of your vehicle. A1 Clutches strongly recommend that when changing a bulb you also change the opposite side bulb at the same time this way the brightness of the bulbs will match on both sides of your vehicle.

Night Driving

It is always worth investing in high performance headlights as the extra light output greatly increase your viewing distance and they make road signs, hazards and road markings much easier to see.

It is a good idea to have your headlights checked by a specialist such as A1 Clutches to ensure your headlights are aligned correctly, we have all been dazzled by oncoming vehicles which is normally due to the headlights not being aligned correctly. It is common sense that your headlights should light up the road ahead not oncoming vehicles.

Night Driving Safety Tips

Drivers who have recently passed their driving test can find driving in the dark more difficult it is well worth new drivers doing an extra course of lessons called Pass Plus which takes 6 hours or so the course will improve the driving skills and ensure you drive safely and very often results in a discount off your vehicle insurance for more information please visit: