Take to the Road and Drive Abroad with A1 Clutches

The current pandemic continues and rules about travelling change from day-to-day. For some, air travel proves problematic and many of us wishing to travel to foreign destinations will take to the roads. If you are considering driving abroad the following handy tips may be helpful. Happy driving and stay safe.

Fed up with no being able to have a holiday this year? Has an airline cancelled your flight? You may decide to take to the roads and travel abroad with your car. Here at A1 Clutches we want your journey to be trouble free and have compiled some useful tips for travelling.

The rules for driving abroad may change from 1st January 2021 so make sure you know what the current guidelines and legislation advise. Remember that you must always have the following documentation with you when driving to Europe:

  • Certificate of motor insurance to provide details of your insurance cover should you have an accident*
  • Passport with at least 6 months validity.
  • Full UK driving licence
  • Your vehicle’s V5c registration document

*You may need additional insurance if you are towing or caravan and you may need to register your trailer.

Driving Laws

Do you know the speed limits in the country that you are visiting? Laws differ from country to country and it’s a good idea to check ahead.

  • In Romania it is illegal to drive a dirty car!
  • If you’re not used to driving on the opposite side of the road, stay in the slow lane until you feel confident and don’t be distracted or intimidated by other drivers.
  • Check to make sure you have any required essential equipment such as headlight beam convertors and a reflective jacket.
  • Road signs should be facing you. Overtaking is on the left too and on roundabouts give way to the left.
  • In many European countries you need to have your headlights on at all times.
  • In France you must carry a breathalyser in your vehicle.

Research your schedule

Plan your drive and be comfortable with the distances you are travelling in unfamiliar countries.

  • Take plenty of breaks and ensure that you stay alert and in control of your driving in an unfamiliar country.
  • Avoid city centres if possible – congestion in a busy foreign city can be daunting. You may consider driving to the suburbs and taking public transport to visit any city attractions.
  • You can pay by card on most toll roads but make sure you have currency too, in notes and coins, to get you through the tolls.
  • European breakdown cover is a must too. If you are unfortunate and have a breakdown you can carry on with your trip with the minimum of fuss if your car and journey is covered.

Wherever you travel and however you get there during these difficult times, please stay safe and take care of yourselves.

From all the team at A1 Clutches, we wish you a very happy journey.