The warmer weather isn’t kind to your vehicle and also means that there are more people out and about enjoying the sunshine. This can create challenging driving conditions but with our useful tips you can be sure to have a carefree drive this summer.

Before you set off

  • Space is at a premium when you’re packing for your holiday but don’t forget to make room for essentials such as a road map, water, food and first aid supplies. Keep the kids amused with games and activities. Distracted kids mean they’re not distracting you.
  • Have you checked your insurance cover? Are you covered for unexpected occurrences such as running out of fuel or hitting a tree? If a pedestrian steps out and you injure them? Make that call to your insurance company and ensure that your policy covers every eventuality.

  • Do you have breakdown cover for your vehicle? Can you get home or to your destination if your vehicle breaks down and can’t be repaired by the side of the road? Make sure that your cover includes a courtesy vehicle too, whilst yours is being repaired.

Prepare your vehicle

  • The AA & RAC report that tyre blowouts are a common occurrence in the summer months. The air inside your tyres expands in hot weather and can cause a blowout if over inflated or worn. Check your tyres and change if necessary.
  • Check the aircon. Keep your cool and make sure that by checking the compressor and knowing that it is working correctly the aircon in your car will be ready for hot weather.

Unexpected delays

  • Summer roads are generally congested and you will also encounter road works and construction in the fine weather. Heavier traffic will build up and being delayed can cause aggressive and frustrated driving. Allow plenty of time for your journey.

Use your cruise control

  • Control your speed on the road and stay safe. Reduce the chances of a speeding ticket too. On sunny days it is tempting to drive fast on a motorway but if you set your cruise control you will avoid this and gain better fuel economy too. If you choose cruise control do make sure that you too don’t switch off mentally and become distracted. Stay alert and in complete control of your vehicle and never use cruise control in adverse or congested conditions.

 Check your vehicle

  • It is always a good idea to have a mechanic give your car, motorbike, motorhome etc an inspection before you set off on a long journey. Protect the engine too by checking coolant and oil levels.

  • Is everything secure? Have you a luggage box or bike carrier or trailer attached to your vehicle? If so, do make sure that you fix it securely and check again each time you set off.

A summer road trip is a pleasure and something that memories are made of. Make sure that you make the right memories with careful planning and safe driving.

From all the team at A1 Clutches, we wish you safe and happy driving.