Peugeot 407 Clutch

From the first phone call, explaining the symptoms of my car, I was asked various questions beyond my mechanical experience, but explained in laymans terms as to the possible faults with my car. At this I thought it best to let A1 have a look. Having researched the pricing for clutches for my Peugeot 407, I received a quote from A1 that I didn’t think possible. Having this information I arranged to drop my car into them for repair. I received a phone call telling me what the problem was and how much it was going to cost me, which I thought very courteous and very reasonable. The price that I researched for a dual mass fly wheel clutch, which is the whole thing, which I was hoping it wasn’t going to be, was in the region on £1100, however A1 quoted me half that price, fitted. At this I told them to go ahead, thinking that my car would be gone for at least 2 days, only to receive a phone call half a day later telling me, my car was done and ready. The service from this company cannot be compared as anything but excellent, and the staff were so friendly and helpful, I would recommend anybody to put their trust with A1.
From a completely satisfied customer.
Regards Martin