Full and Honest

Owning a rare car I knew prices were not going to be cheap but I was really surprised at my quote from A1 Clutches in Cannock, £495 I was quoted and guess what??? £495 is what I paid…. I noticed a few little issues with it, the mechanic that carried out the work must of had it will do attitude (who i am told is no longer working for them)… the transmission and transfer case cross member on my 4×4 had 1 bolt totally missing and another bolt totally under sized to hold the sheer weight… I also noticed a rattle had occured as well…

I spoke to A1 Clutches who got me booked back in ASAP and took care of all my issues for me… changed the bolt to a MUCH more suitable one and the rattle has 99% disappeared… definatly put the smile back on my face… the bloke on the phones was EXTREMELY friendly and helpful….

I have been totally honest with this review warts and all.