Excellent Service

My son’s Citroen C4 Picasso EGS developed a gearbox fault. 5 garages wouldn’t touch it, Citroen quoted ridiculous prices for investigation and clutch repair. Got in touch with A1 by chance via their web enquiry, got a call back from Becky within 15 minutes with a quote. Fantastic recovery guy arrived 15 minutes early ! I got regular updates from Becky on progress on the car. It turned out there was more damage than anticipated, Suki briefed me on the details, he sent me videos showing the damaged gearbox bearing, clutch actuator leak and totalled clutch. Gearbox bearings were disintegrated and Suki arranged for a full gearbox examination and rebuild with new bearings. The gearbox team sent a video describing their work. Although more costly than original quote the work was essential and I regard as good value. The level of mechanical expertise has been superb, communication outstanding and speed of work impressive ( 3 days elapsed overall ). I am so pleased we got the work done by A1, they even check the vehicle at 500 and 1500 miles to ensure all is okay, thanks Suki, Becky and all the mechanical staff working behind the scenes.