Drove from Leeds to A1 Tipton for a cracking deal

Over previous weeks I’ve been part of the sore 75 / ZT clutch club, but am pleased to say the suffering is finally over.

Taking another members advice I contacted A1 Clutches down in Dudley. They quoted me £320 for clutch plate and slave inc labour and vat, which I thought was a cracking deal. I couldn’t find a quote anywhere near that price local to where I am, or even in surrounding areas. I think they must be one of the cheapest in the country, and am posting this really as an alternative, for those who like me, wouldn’t feel up to doing the clutch repair DIY, or live too far away from Dr Dave in Somerset who is also highly recommended on this forum.

Anyway I drove down to Dudley from Leeds this morning and arrived at 08:30 hours, handed my keys over and went off for a breakfast. At 10:00 hours I received a call to say that my clutch plate was badly worn, and the slave was leaking, but the DMF had been checked and was in good working order, correct tolerance etc.. Fruitowl had his DMF done with clutch and slave a few months back, because they found his DMF was faulty on inspection, and charged him £620 all in (also a cracking price), but I fortunately for me I saved on the DMF replacement as mine was fine.

At 12:30 hours after gallivanting around the small town of Tipton Dudley, I received a phone call from A1 saying the car was ready to collect. All in all took them 4 hours to do the job, however they are specialists in clutches and gear box and have all the techi equipment so I was expecting it to be quick. I returned to their depot, and was given a very professional invoice, which outlined the slave was covered for 12 months or 12000 miles warranty, and clutch plate for 2 years warranty. They then told me that they would inspect the gearbox           and clutch for any adjustments free of charge, at 500, 3000, 6000, 12000 mile intervals, as is also specified on their invoice. It was confirmed to me that parts changed were genuine ones. In total I paid as quoted, £320 inc vat on maestro card, and that was that.

I then got into my car drove off, and wow what a difference, the clutch was now silky smooth, very light with a nice high biting point. The actual gear movement was now very easy not like before when it refused to go into 1st and reverse. It took me a little while to get used to the normal biting point, as before the repair it was practically biting from being pushed flat.

If anyone gets a quote for £1200+ for a clutch repair as I’ve seen some other users post then think twice, and try and find somewhere cheaper local or if you live near Dr Dave get him to do it. If not a drive out to A1 Clutches www.a1- clutches.co.uk at Tipton Dudley and you will also likely save you ££££’s. I can also confirm they are LUK, Delphi, Borg and Beck, Clutch Centre Point approved, and there workshop is very impressive, as is their customer service                    It is by no means a cow boy outfit, checking their website will give you an idea.

Hope this is of some help to those who are struggling with the same issue