clutch works better t.han eve

My clutch broke as I was driving home from work, I had never experienced a clutch problem before, but all my gears went stiff and my car was rattling loudly. I have about an hours drive home from work and it was dark.. not the best situation to be in! The next day I called Suki, expecting the worst, I didn’t know how much clutches cost and was expecting a large bill and a lengthy wait, which is not ideal this close to Christmas. Suki called me back within 10 mins with a quote that was so much cheaper than expected, completely manageable.. and asked me to come down right away at 12pm, My car was ready the same day at 4pm and the clutch works better t.han ever. Back to work the next day and money left over for Christmas 👍 Thank you to A1 clutches and Suki for helping me! Verity