Clutch replacement

I had a badly performing clutch in a Fiat Ducato based Burstner Solano motorhome. I got several quotes, including one from a Fiat commercial main dealer. The main dealer quote was £1104 and other quotes varied between £700 and £1050. I was absolutely delighted when I received a quote from A1 Clutches for well under £500! At first I thought it must be a very dodgy set up to come in at this sort of price so I went to have a look at the garage.Nothing could be further from the truth. I found an extremely courteous professional set up that carefully explained to me everything. that needed to be done. I had asked them to also change the gearbox oil and they phoned me to say that the oil looked to be in good condition and did not need changing. What a difference to so many other garages that seem to work on the principle of how many other items can we add to the bill. The work was completed quickly and efficiently and I have nothing but the highest praise for this garage.From my experience I would recommend them unreservedly.