Clutch fitted on the same day !

I’ve just moved to Cannock. So you can imagine I have no contacts or any idea of services in the area . Sod’s law whilst moving other issues arise… Low and behold my clutch goes on my Focus… I called a number of garages / service stations and was told I would be contacted with quotes . Well A1 Clutches in particular Suki returned my call within 30 mins and gave me a quote . I implied I will Get in touch later that day. After waiting nearly all the day for a reply from a number of different garages . A1 Clutches were not only the cheapest , they were the best communicators , this made me feel at ease and comfortable the job would be done efficiently.. fast reliable service . Highly recommended….. Oh and believe it or not I am still waiting for OTHER companies to return my call for a quote … Liam.. Feb 2019