A* Treatment from A1 Clutches

I broke down on Christmas Day on the M5 as my gear box packed in! After an RAC rescue, I phoned A1 Clutches on Boxing Day and got the wonderful Yvonne who began organising support for me. Pete collected my car the next day and took it off to the garage and Yvonne put me in touch with Kelly. Both gave amazing service – absolutely above and beyond the call of duty! A free courtesy car for a few days as garages to obtain gear boxes were shut over the Christmas Bank Holidays and yet I had to drive back to Gloucestershire! and really valuable advice and support in getting hold of a second hand gear box so I did not spend too much money on an old car.

Nothing was too much trouble for them, and when I collected the car, they had left the inside so clean and tidy it was better than the condition I had handed it over to them! And when I got home, Kelly had made a courtesy call to check I was happy with how the car drove and had got home safely. Really grateful – and glad this was the repair place I called!