A big thank you

I am writing to say a big thank you for helping me out over the phone for free. I rang in August whilst holidaying in Croatia in my motorhome, quite desperate for some good old British advice. I had a problem with my clutch, and there was a serious language barrier not to mention some competency issues with my initial mechanic here.

Turns out the issue was a faulty slave cylinder, I eventually found a decent workshop who gave the same advice as you to replace it as well as the friction plates. You also gave me a quote which I can confirm is very competitive – even in a cheaper country like Croatia they couldn’t match your prices. It cost about 1000€ for replacement of slave cylinder, clutch plates and associated parts, and replacement of gearbox oil (3 hours labour). Next time we have any issues with the clutch we will definitely book in with your workshop.

Thanks again and keep up the good work