Planning A Journey And Entertaining Children

The key to avoiding stress whilst you’re on the road is to plan ahead. We have all heard “how much longer” or “are we nearly there” often when you are still a long way off your final destination. You can take the stress out of long journeys with some simple preparation see below our top tips for making you and your families journey more pleasurable.

Kids in Car

Time spent planning when travelling with children can save a lot of hassle on the journey. It will give your children something to look forward to along the way, and could prevent unnecessary disagreements.

The Journey

  1. Plan your route with at least 2 or options should you hit long delays on your preferred route. If you have one programme your sat nav but always have a map with you as back up.
  2. If you are heading to an air or sea port allow plenty of time for your journey so that you do not miss your departure.
  3. Be prepared for delays take plenty of food and drink with you also pack plenty of healthy treats for the children, ensure you spread them out over the length of your journey. Take easy-to-hold, not-too-sticky foods, remember that chocolate can melt very easily. Use sippy cups or sports bottles, rather than juice cartons or cans.
  4. Have a disposal bag for anyone who’s feeling sick or queasy.
  5. Keep a change of clothing to hand just in case there are any accidents.

In-car entertainment

  1. Prior to leaving create a goody bag for your children of inexpensive ‘stocking filler’ with toys, books, magazine, crayons, stickers, colouring books and anything else they like doing.
  2. Games – There are endless games you can play with your children including Alphabet Game, Animal Name Game, Car Colour Cricket, I Spy, Name that tune, Story Rounds and Twenty Questions. You can pack Travel games such as Battleship, Chess, Cluedo, Connect Four, Hangman, Playing cards and Solitaire.
  3. Music – Load the CD player with the children’s favourite songs or nursery rhymes.
  4. Films or TV entertainment – At home, you probably limit access to these devices but on long journeys relaxing the rules can help ease the stress, a tablet or DVD player is ideal to occupy your children when travelling. Download plenty of educational and just-for-fun games, music, and movies before leaving home.
  5. Audio books – There are so many to chose from covering all ages and can be enjoyed by all the family. You can listen as a family or on individual portable audio players with headphones.

The basics

It is always advisable to have your vehicle serviced or checked out by a specialist such as A1 Clutches. Below are a list of items you can do yourself:

  1. Check Your Car’s Fluids – Brake Fluid, Engine Oil, Radiator and Washer Bottle.
  2. Check Your Tyres.
  3. Take a spare set of bulbs and fuses.
  4. Be aware of speed limits.
  5. Put Together A First Aid Kit.
  6. Look at breakdown and recovery options such as the AA or RAC.
  7. Take a break, long journeys require concentration. Ensure you take regular breaks and stop in a safe place for a rest if you are feeling tired.
  8. If you are travelling in a foreign country ensure that you are aware of the legal requirements.
  9. Expect the unexpected.