November Nights – Drive Safely

With autumn upon us and the days and nights getting colder in firework season, it’s time to think about the month ahead and make sure that your vehicle is ready for the shorter days and lower temperatures.

Your vehicle works hard in the summer and it is important that you remember to arrange a check-up to safely get you through the winter months. Things to pay particular attention to might be:

• Keep a stock of de-icing spray handy both in and out of the car, don’t forget that locks get frozen too!
• Ensure that your vehicle’s air-conditioning system is working efficiently. The system helps remove moisture to demist and defrost the windscreen quickly.
• Consider having a ‘winter kit’ in the boot of the car. This might be a box that contains a folding shovel and warm jacket. Spare gloves and socks, a blanket and even chocolate, mints and sweets could save the day in the event of a breakdown and don’t forget to include a red warning triangle too. Plan ahead and with luck you’ll never need these items.

• Check the obvious: are your wipers are working well? Do your tyres have the correct grip and tread? Are all the vehicles lights operational and illuminated?
• An oil and filter change is advisable in readiness for colder weather conditions.
• Check that your gearbox and clutch are in tip-top condition and if in doubt call one of our friendly service centres for a check-up. We are ready to take your call on: 0121 5222094.

Don’t forget Bonfire Night!

Guy Fawkes night is celebrated on 5th November, but the firework season can last for many days. It can also be a cause of distraction for drivers when out and about as the skies light up with sudden firework displays and it is important not to be distracted. Here are a few useful tips:

• Remember to keep your eyes on the road if you are in the vicinity of a public firework display. Children love Bonfire Night and families often walk to a bonfire party as it is easier than getting caught up in traffic. Drivers need to be extra vigilant with little ones about.

• Park considerately if you go to a large event and ensure that people and the emergency services can get past your vehicle.
• Fireworks are dangerous items and if you transport them in your vehicle, remember that the limit is 5kg. If you exceed this, you will need a firework storage licence.
• Don’t forget too, that you need extra car insurance if you carry large quantities of fireworks in your car. Failing to comply could land you with a hefty fine of £300 and 6 penalty points on your licence. Check with your insurer if you are uncertain.
• Always transport fireworks in the boot of your vehicle, not the back seat or in the front.
• A good idea is to store fireworks in the car in a plastic household container which is spark proof.

Whatever your plans in November,
stay safe, warm and happy throughout the month.

With very best wishes from all of us at A1 Clutches.