Life doesn’t come with a Manual – it comes with a Mother

Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday is a day to show gratitude to all the wonderful mums everywhere and has been celebrated since the 16th century. It began with a religious purpose and was originally a day to honour and give thanks to the Virgin Mary, also known as Mother Mary. In the UK, we celebrate Mother’s Day in March and that special time is just around the corner. A mum, or person who is a mother-figure, is someone who deserves to be spoilt and appreciated on their special day.

So, this year, why not do something different? Mum may be expecting flowers, chocolates or even breakfast in bed, but why not surprise her with a unique car-related gift too? Mum’s vehicle could be last on her list of priorities, but first on her list of needs. You can make her driving life more pleasant with one of these thoughtful gift options:

• Fill her tank with fuel. Mums have busy lives, so save her the chore of visiting a garage and while you are there, get the tyres checked and windscreen washer fluid topped up.

• Mums very often drive in heels, which are not ideal for driving. Consider a pair of loafers, pumps or comfortable shoes for driving. A neat pair, that she can keep in the car, slip into and drive safely.

• Have Mum’s vehicle professionally valeted. Sneak her keys and if you are insured to drive it, whisk her wheels away to the valet shop. Imagine her pleasure to see a gleaming car with an immaculate interior, complete with a lovely new air freshener. If you don’t drive, book a mobile valet service to come to her home. Job done!

• Does your Mum have a habit of getting lost? No GPS? Up to date technology may be low on the priority list in the life of a busy mum. Give her a brand-new GPS device or have one installed in her car. If you want to be cool, buy a celebrity or character voice for her device (check that the system is compatible). Imagine Mum cruising along to the dulcet tones of Sean Connery or being kept on her driving toes by an in-character performance from Arnold Schwarzenegger or having fun with Del Boy, Boycie and Uncle Albert from Only Fools & Horses. You know it makes sense.

• Make sure Mum drives in complete comfort. The gift of a fitted seat cover or cushion that supports and embraces while driving, is a luxury she may not be used to but might be something she comes to love.

• Buy an extended warranty. Save her money with this gift which will keep on protecting her vehicle and give her (and you) peace of mind for future driving years ahead.

• Mums listen to music too, so let her ride with a good vibe. Have you considered purchasing a new sound system for her car, complete with a good quality set of speakers? She’ll love you for it as she cruises the country to her favourite tunes.

Nothing says, ‘Happy Mother’s Day,’ more than spending time with the person who raised you or is the important mother-figure in your life. Home is where your mum is, wherever that may be, so treat the special person in your life and ensure that this year and every year, she has a perfect Mother’s Day.