Learning to Drive after Lockdown

In the last few months the current pandemic has created a situation whereby it hasn’t been possible for learner drivers to have lessons from professional driving instructors. We’ve put together some useful advice to help many who may feel anxious at the prospect of lessons resuming after such a long break.

First things first

Make sure that you have a valid UK provisional Driving Licence.

pass driving test

Pass the theory test. Waiting times have lengthened with Lockdown and until a leaner driver has passed this test, they won’t be able to apply to take the practical, so make sure you get on the waiting list, book your place and do your homework.

Use online resources


A leaner driver will be looking forward to their lessons and it is exciting for many but for some it can be an anxious time but if you know what to expect it will help you prepare.

If you’ve been unable to get behind the wheel of a friend or relative’s car, head over to a YouTube and look for a video that shows you how to prepare for your first driving lesson which will make things easier on the day.

Choose your driver instructor

Be selective when choosing an instructor, the cheapest option may not always be the best. Ask around – do you friends have recommendations? Is the instructor regularly graded by the DVSA ?


Learning to drive requires a great deal of concentration so book your lessons at a time of day when you know that you are at your best and most alert. Ideally, not when you have just finished work or college.

Social distancing

With social distancing in place it may be a good idea to check your local test centre and establish what measures they have in place on the day that you will take your test. If you can’t wear a face covering during your lessons, you must say if there is a good reason for this, also when you take the test.

Wear a Mask

Don’t forget that you must ensure that your vehicle is cleaned before the test. Your examiner will also use an antibacterial wipe to clean surfaces that they may need to touch during the test.

Conquer your anxieties

Everyone is nervous when they are learning to drive and nerves increase when you are about to take the practical test. With lockdown halting any professional lessons and tests experiencing delays and cancellations, it is understandable that anxieties will be heightened. It is a good idea to get back in a car as soon as you can.


Anyone who is over the age of 21 and has held a full UK licence for three years, can teach you to drive. Ask you family and friends to help you. The more familiar with being behind a wheel and actually driving a vehicle, the more your confidence will increase.

And for those who have been driving for some time…

Remember to be kind and considerate to learner drivers. You were once one yourself. It is a very discomforting statistic that 90% of learner drivers have been subjected to tailgating, overtaking and general impatience during their lessons. Many learners are left in tears and at least 8% of learners give up all together and never resume.

Man Driving

We all have a right to drive and be independent, please respect those learning how.

As summer moves into autumn, everyone at A1 Clutches wishes all our customers, old and new, safe and happy travelling on the roads. See you next time!

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