As the Government guidelines indicate that Lockdown is slowly beginning to lift, many of us are able to leave the home and are beginning to socialise, whilst observing the social distancing measures. This means that there is more traffic on the roads. The country is also experiencing a heatwave and here at A1 Clutches, we want our customers to be safe when travelling in hot weather.

Plan Ahead when Travelling in Hot Weather

Furry Friends

NEVER leave your dog alone in a car on a warm day. Dogs suffer terribly from the heat. Don’t be the fool who thinks it’s okay to leave Rover alone in the vehicle with the windows open or with the car parked in the shade. It isn’t. Rover will die on a hot day. A car can become as hot as an oven in a very short space of time. Always ensure too that your dog has plenty of water to drink when you stop for your refreshment breaks.

Emergency Cover

Travelling for any distance means that you are always at risk of a breakdown or even a tyre blow-out. Don’t get stuck without assistance. Make sure that your emergency rescue cover is always up to date and you’ll be on the move again very soon.


Have your aircon serviced if the filter hasn’t been replaced recently. It’s not rocket science that hot temperatures in the car may cause hot tempers. Keep a cool head behind the wheel. Make sure too that any medication you are taking doesn’t make you drowsy. Heat and tiredness = RTA’s.

Plan Ahead

Everyone is longing for a break from Lockdown and many of us will be taking to the roads. Plan ahead to avoid peak times. Can you find a route that by-passes the traffic? Have you checked your tyres too? A blow-out at any time is bad enough but hot conditions accelerate tyre problems, so make sure your tyres are the best they can be before you set off.

Little People

Kids get grumpy when strapped into a car so make sure you have plenty of things to do to keep them entertained. The sun can be very hot on the vehicle windows and it may be worthwhile investing in sunshields to keep everyone comfortable. Don’t forget snacks and cool drinks to maintain their energy levels and fluids.

Whatever your plans during this time, the management and staff at A1 Clutches wish you a safe and happy passage through this difficult journey. Stay safe everyone.

From everyone at A1 Clutches

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