Is Your Vehicle Ready for Autumn?

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Summer has gone and the barbeque is back in the garage.

You may be ready for autumn but is your vehicle?

It’s the time of year when the nights are drawing in and temperatures are getting colder. For many this is a favourite time with bonfires, leaves underfoot, gorgeous scenery and snuggling up around a warm fire. But don’t forget that changing weather and road conditions create challenges and it is important for your safety to ensure that your vehicle is in the best possible condition. Here at A1 Clutches we have some handy vehicle health check tips to set you up for the weeks ahead.

Walk the kids to school

Why not leave the vehicle behind and avoid the current Covid queues at the school gates and take the healthy option of leaving the house a little earlier and walking the kids to school. Make the walk fun by looking for conkers and kicking up leaves. If you do need to drive, be more alert when driving near schools in dimmer road conditions, when the light is fading and kids are out and about.

Check your lights

With gloomy mornings and evenings make sure that the lights on your vehicle are all fully functional and replace any dim or faulty bulbs. Your headlights are your best friends in shady and dark conditions.

Wonderful Wipers

Wiper blades work hard. You can’t drive without them in poor weather so be kind and make sure they aren’t perished or worn. Check the windscreen fluid regularly and use winter washer solution. Don’t forget the windscreen drain holes and keep them clear of any debris.

Make or Brake it

Check your brakes and top up the brake fluid. It’s slippery out there! Wet leaves on the road can be slimy and cause you to skid so make sure that your brakes are in perfect working order.


It’s cold out there! Is the heater system in your vehicle working properly? That wonderful installation isn’t there to just keep you warm, it will demist and defrost the windscreen and windows when icy. It needs to be blowing warm air and the settings should be in good working order. Keep a warm blanket in the car. If you breakdown you’ll need it and coats, gloves and scarfs will come in handy too. On a long journey take snacks and a hot drink in a flask. Motorists should carry a high-vis vest, first-aid kit and a warning triangle for emergencies too.

Tested your Tyres?

If you’ve driven a lot in the summer don’t forget an autumn check on your tyres. Are they inflated to the right level, are there any cracks? Is there enough tread? The legal limit is 1.6mm and if they fall short of this get them replaced immediately. Tyres help a vehicle grip the road, look after them and they will look after you.

Wherever you are driving this autumn, everyone at A1 Clutches hopes that you, your family and loved ones continue to stay safe, be happy and look after each other.

 Happy Autumn Driving!

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