Is your vehicle ready for a long drive?

As the fine weather continues in the UK many of us will be thinking about holidays. But with lockdown restricting travel abroad, resorts at home are popular and the roads will be extra busy for our annual get-away.

Is your vehicle ready for a long drive?

Consumer Reports issue an annual questionnaire which shows that thousands of drivers maintain their original vehicles in excellent condition, without major repairs, and can have over 200,000 miles on the clock. But how do these drivers ensure that they stay safe?

Over 200,000 miles and in pristine condition

Keeping your car well-maintained can dramatically improve performance and enhance safety. It is essential to look after your car, whether new or old, and below, we’ve listed some handy helpful tips to ensure that your mode of transport is reliable, year in, year out.

Spark Plugs – Manufacturers recommend changing your spark plugs at around 25 – 30 thousand miles but they can degrade before then causing the engine to misfire or surge. It is inexpensive to replace the plugs and by doing so, will help engine performance.

Oil – Check and change the oil in your vehicle at regular intervals including transmission and differential oils.

Tyre Pressures – It’s critical to your safety to have the correct tyre pressures, which will help your car grip the surface of the road and don’t forget with more holiday luggage and passengers, the optimal tyre pressure will change.

Filters – Filters become blocked over time so do ensure that you renew your car’s oil filter and air filter regularly.

Fuel – Don’t let your fuel tank get too low. Consistently driving your car on low fuel can cause internal issues to your fuel pump and other components that require fuel to function.

Brake Pads – Replace any worn-down brake pads.

Windows – Over time the tracks on your vehicle’s windows accumulate debris and can make it harder for them to operate. To avoid a costly repair, lubricate the window tracks with a silicone spray to flush our debris and maintain a smooth opening and closing action.

Cleaning – Clean your car and keep it in the possible condition to maximise the value. Get the family involved with waxing and polishing and regularly valet the interior.

Time for a change? If you feel that it is time to change your vehicle, mileage is a big consideration for a would-be purchaser. Remember, when determining the best time to sell the lower the miles, the higher the value.

At A1 Clutches we consider mileage of 30 – 70 thousand miles will provide the best time and value to sell a well-maintained vehicle.

Regular car maintenance is easier than you think and combined with regular servicing you can be assured that your vehicle will maintain reliability and the performance, lifespan and value will be optimised.

We wish you safe and happy driving, from all the team at A1 Clutches.
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