Is your vehicle caravan-ready for a staycation?

Caravan sales soar as staycation holidays reach record levels.
But is your vehicle caravan-ready?

Towing a caravan can be tough on clutch materials. Remember that the clutch plays a very important part in the smooth running of your car, but it may wear out over time. Before you head off on holiday, get it checked by our experienced team at A1 Clutches.

If a caravan holiday is on your agenda, we’ve listed some handy tips below to ensure that your trip is happy and enjoyable. Like many this year, this may be your first caravan trip and no doubt you are looking forward to the new experience. Caravan clubs run courses on towing instruction, which will take you through the basic information you will need before hitching up and it’s a good idea to make a list of everything that you will need to purchase beforehand.

Towing Aid

Select the right towing aid. A towbar forms the connection between vehicle and caravan and it is essential that you choose and fit one that is perfect for your needs. Speak to a reputable caravan dealer to ensure that you have the correct piece of kit.
Make sure there is a fire extinguisher in your caravan. You’ll also need wheel chocks, a caravan jack and a sway control device. Have you packed extra coolant and oil and a spare wheel for your caravan?

Be Safe

Secure the caravan contents by fastening drawers and loose items and locking windows and doors and raising the caravan’s steps.

Extension Mirrors

It is legally required to have a good view all the way to the rear of your caravan and extension mirrors will help. They can be purchased in multiple combinations and any dealer will be able to advise you.

Don’t forget that you cannot carry passengers in your caravan and it is certainly not recommended to let your pet travel in the caravan while you are on the move.

Lights & Tyres

Are the lights of your vehicle and caravan fully operational? Don’t forget to check indicators too. Have you checked that are all tyres are inflated to the correct pressures?


Have a run through before you set off on a long journey. Practice manoeuvring and reversing. Work with your partner and understand your ways of communicating, either by using hand signals or mobile communication. Remember to be patient and not to panic.
Have a practice run through on setting up. It will become easier each time but initially, understanding what needs to be done could save your hours when you arrive at your chosen site.

Packing Up

Keep a checklist of everything that you need to do to pack up your caravan at the end of your holiday. For example, turn off the gas, disconnect the electrics and remove waste water supplies.

Driving Licence

Have you got the correct licence to tow a trailer? It is essential to check that your licence allows you to tow a caravan. Your insurance will be invalidated if you are in breach of the regulations. The rules change too once you reach your 70th birthday so make sure you are legally allowed to tow.

Follow these tips for a relaxing and enjoyable trip and don’t forget that our experienced team of skilled technicians at A1 Clutches are available to assist you with your clutch and gearbox requirements. For a quote, call us today on 0121 522 2094.