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With Christmas around the corner and the cost of living escalating, fuel costs are at an all-time high. On our blog this month, we’ve put together some valuable tips that will help reduce your vehicle’s consumption and hopefully save money for the niceties in life.

petrol filling

It sounds straightforward, but do you always choose your fuel station wisely?

Driving to the nearest garage can be a false economy. You can save money by comparing prices locally before heading to your regular garage. Check out the RAC Fuel Watch, which will tell you the average fuel costs in the UK – if you are paying more, consider driving a little further if there is a better deal elsewhere.

Supermarket Fuel

If you shop at a supermarket, check out their prices on the fuel forecourt. Fuel is often cheaper here than private petrol stations that oil companies service. If you have a loyalty card, it is a bonus, as you’ll earn points for every pound you spend on fuel, and that will convert to money off your next fill-up or shopping bill. Remember that premium pumps are for the high-end vehicle – unless you are driving one, you don’t need them, so steer clear and save a few pence.

Luxury extras

Does your vehicle have heated seats? Airconditioning? You may take these for granted, but do you need them switched on? Turn them off to reduce fuel consumption.



Do you need to drive to work on your own? Can you take advantage of a carpool or set one up? Do you need to drive to a takeaway at lunchtime? At home, consider taking fewer shopping trips and do everything one time, perhaps once a month.

Driving style

Are you a Boy Racer or a Steady Eddie? The way you drive will have an impact on how much fuel you use. Moving at a consistent speed, accelerating smoothly, and no unnecessary braking will help the fuel in your tank to go further. Sitting in a stationary vehicle with the engine running is wasting fuel (and damaging the environment) so switch off when stationary. Please stick to or drive below the speed limit, especially on motorways. If you have cruise control – use it.

Electric vehicles

It seems obvious, but yes, switching to an electric vehicle will save you money on petrol or diesel and cut fuel costs considerably. But, do your research; an electric car may not suit your driving needs.



Did you know that tyres account for 20% of your fuel consumption? Pump up and prolong their life! Underinflated tyres use more fuel. Consult the vehicle handbook for correct tyre pressures and check them regularly. Consider buying energy-efficient tyres too, which will have a long-term financial benefit.


Are you driving around with a heavy load? Do you need a boot full of unnecessary items such as sports equipment? Did you forget to drop those bags off at the charity shop? Even your roof rack will impact fuel consumption; it creates wind resistance, so if you don’t need it, take it off. For example, pulling a trailer or boat will massively increase fuel consumption.

Maintain your vehicle

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It’s not rocket science. Give your vehicle plenty of TLC. If you have a problem – get it fixed. An untuned engine can increase fuel consumption by up to 50% – yep, 50%!

At A1 Clutches, we have a highly skilled team of technicians who will assist with the maintenance of your vehicle. If you need a quote or to discuss a problem, call our friendly customer service team today on 0121 522 2094.

We wish you safe and happy driving from all the team at A1 Clutches.