How Can You Save Money On Your MOT?

MOT Symbol - A1 Clutches

This little guide offers top tips on saving money on your MOT when it comes time for your renewal.

The actual MOT testing fee is not usually that high – it is the work that needs doing to get your car to pass the MOT test that is the costly part. These tips will hopefully alleviate some of that financial burden, and your motor will get through its test at the first time of asking – fingers crossed!

Check your lights – It sounds obvious, actually because it is – make sure your bulbs are all working as they should, and if not spend a few quid on getting them up to standard. Not a huge cost saver really, more of a convenience. Almost 20% of failures are light related – make sure your indicators are working properly and make sure they are still the correct colour – if the coating is peeling, they will need replacing.

Check your tyres –  Another obvious one really – make sure your tyres are roadworthy before going in for a test – beyond this, always make sure your tyres are roadworthy anyway, to keep safe on the roads.

Brakes – Modern brakes should last for many thousands of miles – providing your treat them right that is. Smooth and controlled driving will see your brakes last a lot longer than aggressive braking and slamming on.

Carry out the basic maintenance tasks regularly – You don’t need a garage for most of these – make sure the oil levels are up to the level required, keep your washer and coolant fluids up too  – keep your oil changes and air fliter changes regular and within the manufacturer guidelines. Keeping on top of this basic maintenance will help the car out later down the line and you will reap the rewards.

Tyre pressures – Another one for tyres – this time about the tyre pressure. Make sure you stay within the tolerances of the vehicle manufacturer – there may be different levels prescribed for urban driving vs motorway driving, or driving under load. Keeping your tyre pressures at the right level means the tyres will wear evenly and last longer.

Garage Repairs – For those maintenance jobs that cannot be done by yourself, always make sure to use a trustworthy garage. Not just for the fact that the pricing will be right but that they will carry out the work properly.

Wiper Blades – Check that your wiper blades fully clear your windscreen and that you are left with a clear view of the road ahead. Replacing the blades is a simple task and shouldn’t cost too much money. Equally ensure there are no cracks or large chips in the windscreen that may obscure the driver’s field of vision.

Quick Tips – Check your horn works, make sure the car is nice and clean inside and out – the tester can refuse to test a dirty car, and finally – Read the comments on the MOT certificate you receive from the garage. This may contain ‘advisory’ notices, so the car has not failed on these today but they may become an issue later on – get these seen to before they become a more expensive issue.

When you are ready to bring your car in for its MOT test, give A1 Clutches a call and we will be happy to get you sorted out.