Help! I’ve broken down!

Oh no, that terrible sensation – your car has suddenly stopped working! It is bad enough if you are on the drive at home and it won’t start, it is even worse if you are out on the road! Speaking from personal experience, when my wife and I were on our way back from visiting Chatsworth House and we approached a roundabout there was absolutely no warning of what was to happen seconds later. As we made our way round the roundabout everything was still fine, then as power was applied to get away from the roundabout there was nothing there! Absolutely nothing from the engine. The cam belt had gone, we were around 80 miles from home, it was a complete nightmare!

Anyway, you can imagine then repair bill on the cam belt, and the cost of being towed home – not the most welcome unexpected repair bill to be sure.

So what do you do if you have a similar experience? You put your foot down and nothing? Or you just can’t change gear? Or there is white smoke, and lots of it?

Whatever happens in these situations, you can be sure of getting assistance from A1 Clutches.

So you’re at the side of the road in whatever circumstances, first of all make sure you are in a safe place – do not get back into the car if it puts you at risk. Once you get a safe distance from the car to remove the danger from other vehicles colliding with you, try to remain calm. Pick up the phone and place a call to your closest branch. We have branches in Cannock, Digbeth, Derby and Tipton – whichever is closest to where you have broken down is your best bet. Our call centre staff will listen to what has happened and be able to guide you through the next steps.

Vehicle Recovery | A1 Clutches

A1 Clutches operates recovery vehicles for just these situations. So if you have been let down by your motor, our recovery vehicles can come out to you and bring you and your car safely to your nearest branch. There we will be able to fully assess what has happened, mechanically.

We will endeavour to provide you a quote as quickly as possible and we are among the most competitive in the industry. We also offer a courtesy car service so that your day in disrupted as little as possible. This level of service is what sets A1 Clutches apart from the competition, and it is touches like these and the warm reception you will receive at our garages that minimise the distress of what can be a very stressful day.

We aim to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, and will communicate with you throughout the process. Hopefully whatever has caused the accident is easy to fix and cheap too – fingers crossed!

So if you do find yourself in this situation, or it could be a family member or a friend, just remember to give A1 Clutches a call. We are waiting to offer our assistance.