Feel the love for your car this February with a Valentine’s check-up

February is the month of love and if your car is one of your biggest passions, don’t forget to care for your car. Your car doesn’t ask for much but gives a great deal back, getting you and your loved ones from A to B safely, whenever you need it. Give your car the gift of love with a Valentine’s Day check-up. Don’t let your car break your heart, look after your vehicle and it will look after you. Regular maintenance will prolong your loving relationship with your car and ensure that you don’t get left high and dry with an unexpected breakdown.

Show a little bit of extra tender loving car care during the winter months because at this time of year, especially in February (the month of love!) the weather can be chaotic with freezing temperatures, sleet, snow and icy roads which cause mayhem for motorists. Look after your cherished vehicle by checking the following:

•You don’t want to breakdown with your loved one on-board, but if you are unfortunate and this happens, make sure you’ve packed an emergency kit which will include a thick blanket to snuggle under and keep each other warm. Chocolate will give you energy and water will keep you hydrated.

• Get the oil checked and filter changed regularly – keep your engine clean and running smooth on the inside.

• Road debris, salt and snow can damage your vehicle. Keep it clean and ensure your washer jets are operational and full – a dirty windscreen can seriously endanger your visibility.

• Book a regular service to get the most out of your car’s performance. A well-tuned engine produces the lowest level of emissions and delivers the best balance of power and fuel economy.

• Your car’s tyres affect the handling and traction – make sure you check tyre pressure regulary and don’t forget the spare.

• Pot holes spring up in winter and create havoc on your car’s steering and suspension. A wheel alignment reduces tyre wear and improves fuel economy. It also increases driving pleasure and safety. Make sure you have the correct tyre tread too.

• Like your heart, your battery needs to be in peak condition. Perform a volt test on your battery to make sure that it works correctly. You don’t want to get left stranded.

A1 Clutches have the highest, fully trained, skilled technicians for clutch and gearbox replacement, repair or installation. Feel the love for your car this February by calling us to book your vehicle in for a free inspection at any of our centres in Birmingham, Cannock, Derby and Tipton.

Happy Valentine’s Day