Choosing a Garage to Maintain Your Vehicle

Every car owner is concerned about their vehicles maintenance and service, the question is often asked, where should I go for maintenance? Your options are a main dealer or your local garage.

A regular service is mandatory to keeping your vehicle in good working condition. Hence, finding the right garage to maintain your vehicle is a very important decision. You will find many garages that promise good servicing – but which garage to consider requires proper research.

Birmingham Garage Services

Benefits of the Main Dealer

First, let’s look at the benefits of the main dealer. The biggest benefit is that all work done on a new car, is considered part of your warranty, if you have one. Also as the work on your vehicle is being done by the main dealer, there is little chance of the repair being carried out voiding your warranty.

Benefits of a Local Garage

Other than the warranty consideration, an independent garage is your other option to using a main dealer, a local independent garage such as A1 Clutches offers several advantages.

1) A local garage carries out work on many different vehicle makes and models.

2) There is a very good chance that they have seen more issues and have more experience than your typical main dealer.

3) With a local garage, you can talk to your mechanic and have a more personal experience which generally means a higher level of customer satisfaction.

4) A local garage can be cheaper on  parts because they are not tied to any one distributor, so they will be able to shop around for the best price on parts without compromising on the quality of the parts.

The biggest benefit that your local garage has is the level of education and experience of the technicians. Most local garages will hire certified specialists who has worked to keep on top of what’s new across the board, and can address more issues than your main dealer technicians can.

While the main dealer offers the warranty advantage in many cases, there is a strong argument for a local garage. When considering the increased cost of service, quality of repairs and lack of customer service at the main dealers, the warranty benefits are quickly offset for many customers.

All things considered, many motorists are opting to head into their local garage for quality affordable service that they can trust.

To ensure that you find the best garage services in Birmingham, you should do your research, make sure the garage has the latest up to date equipment, will provide you with a courtesy car and check their reviews, this will help you to choose the best garage to service your vehicle. You should also take recommendations from relatives and friends to help you find the best garage in your area.

Finally you should request an estimate of price for the work to be undertaken to avoid shocks when you collect your vehicle.