Car Servicing & Vehicle Repair

A1 Clutches provides a Motor Vehicle Service exclusively with a series of maintenance process wherein it involves setting an interval time after the vehicle had travelled to a certain distance. Hence, the intervals of this service are specified by the manufacturer of A1 Clutches Car Service Center. We also have an electronics instrument panel where some modern cars are displayed according to the car repair services.
Vehicle Repairs and Servicing we cater for all makes and models, services are mainly recorded in our service books, stamped by the service centres. Hence, our manufacturer keeps all the records of services related to commercial vehicle repair, clutch replacement and repair, gearbox replacement etc on a database as well as provides prints on the request of vehicle owners. Thus, it adds a complete history of services and increases sales value of a vehicle.

Services such as clutch repair, replacement, gearbox replacement in the United Kingdom garages are trying to create tools that help car owners to track this service data. Moreover, A1 Clutches also provides below motor vehicle services:

  • Replace oil and air filter
  • Replace fuel filter and spark plugs
  • Change engine oil
  • Tune the engine
  • Inspect level and refill brake fluid
  • Check tyre condition
  • Lubricate components
  • Check level and refill ATF and power steering fluid

At A1 clutches all mechanical parts which cause the cars to cease or to prove unsafe for roads of UK. Such parts are supervised under skilled yet professional manufacturers. It consists of:

  • Gearbox
  • Clutch
  • Car Battery
  • Engine parts

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