Benefits to Your Car of Regular Servicing

Servicing your car at the suggested service intervals is highly recommended to ensure you keep your car in tip top condition. Driving is already expensive enough, and you may think that the cost of servicing is an extra that you do not need but regular servicing can extend the life of your car and make it more efficient too.

Regular servicing keeps your car running at its best, with the fluids and filters being replaced and the overall performance increased. However if you notice any significant drop in performance do not wait until your next service to get it checked out! The full service is an exhaustive checklist for your car, giving you the confidence that everything is working as it should.

Here are some of the reasons why regular servicing helps you car.

  • Think of a service as a set of minor tune ups. Your car will receive a once over, changing the oil and air filters among other components making it work more efficiently– therefore making it more fuel efficient, which always sounds like a good idea.
  • Engine oil is an essential component and should be changed over time – This can be quite a messy job and it should be left to the professionals.
  • We will replace your fuel filter and spark plugs – again adding to the efficiency of your vehicle.
  • Equally your lights are a crucial safety feature of your car. They are checked during the service to make sure they wok correctly and within legal limits also.
  • We will check and refill if necessary the ATF and power steering fluid levels – keeping your steering sharp and responsive.
  • Peace of mind – You can drive your car knowing that your car is safe – from the tyres to the brakes, everything has been checked and is working well.
  • Finding problems with your car early can save you money and extend the life of your car. Regular servicing can identify problems your car may have before they get out of hand and become more expensive jobs – so win/win!
  • Along with the engine oil, lubrication is a vital component in keeping your car running smoothly. The service will pick up o this and make sure your car’s lubrication needs are met. This will also help add to the improved efficiency.

A1 Clutches Workshop


At each of our A1 Clutches branches we have highly qualified technicians who have many years of experience with servicing just about any make and model of car on the road today. You can bring you car to A1 Clutches for its full service whenever your service interval is and be confident that it is in the best hands.

Our vehicle servicing covers the whole spectrum of checks and tests, leaving you in no doubt that you car is in tip-top condition – mechanically at least! As mentioned, finding little problems before they become big one can be a bonus of the servicing offering, but the main point of regular car servicing is to give you the added confidence that your car is safe and roadworthy.

Also don’t forget that we will stamp your service history book, indicating to any future buyer of your car that it has been serviced by a professional garage to the highest standard.

So if the service light is flashing on your dashboard give your local branch of A1 Clutches a call. We are always happy to help and get your car running ‘like new’ again.