If now you have got batteries for your car then it goes without saying that at some point of time you need to replace those batteries. So from now, no suffering from low batteries! A1 Clutches shares your burden here, how? We provide services like replacement car battery, car battery fitting and clutch and gearbox replacement.

Here are some facts about car battery which may denote the reasons why you need a battery replacement:

  • Flat car battery: It is an essential part here; as there are various causes in two categories – one is battery is unserviceable or some electrical lights left turned on.
  • Well equipped modern cars: Such modern cars may need battery replacement. When modern cars are well equipped with a various on-board systems and monitor computers, batteries can slowly discharge.
  • A good battery can work for around five years if taken care properly. Battery can slow down in three years; however it depends on its usage, seasonal temperature and maintenance.
  • There are premature batteries which can cause problems to your car hence you need a flat car battery to avoid electrical faults.
  • Correct battery type: If you have got correct battery type then it may not harm your car. So check user manuals before getting any battery for your car. So make sure you get the correct battery for your car, thus you can avoid worst situations.
  • This is an era of technology, so you may get a car that come with stop-start technology! So, apparently this can help you saving money and time both. Stop-start technology is in a great demand these days; hence you get more sophisticated batteries.