Bank Holiday Driving

Bank Holiday Driving

Easter Bank holiday is upon us and after the recent warm spring weather many of us will be getting away for the long weekend.

The AA estimate that many millions of motorists will take to the roads over the Easter weekend. It may not be the best time to travel with heavy traffic and possible delays, but savvy drivers will know how to ensure that the trip is a pleasant way to start and end their holiday.

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure that your trip is stress-free and here at A1 Clutches we have some tips that you may find useful:

  • Know where you are going and plan your route carefully.
  • Take snacks and drinks for the journey and keep everyone well-hydrated.
  • The AA Patrol estimates that they will attend close to 80,000 breakdowns over the holiday – check that your break-down cover is up to date.
  • With kids onboard, make sure that they have plenty to keep them occupied, from games to books and audio recordings and maybe that old-fashioned basic of interacting with a game of, ‘I SPY’ (excluding the driver!)

  • Pack carefully and ensure that your bags and cases are secure. Loose items flapping, or rattling are very distracting and can be dangerous.

  • Check your tyre pressure – you may be carrying more weight in the vehicle – this also applies to being familiar with load-carrying and towing capabilities.
  • A thorough check of your tyres is advisable: check for damage, the depth of the tyre tread and the correct pressure – including the spare tyre of your vehicle or trailer. Remember, over-inflation is as bad as under-inflation.
  • Motorists should check that their cooling fans are in good working order before setting out on the first long journey of the year. Corrosion from salt and dirt from surface spray during the winter months can lead to engine overheating.
  • Make sure you are alert and have had a good sleep before setting out. Fatigue affects your driving ability and can seriously impair a driver so make sure that you are fully rested and take regular breaks.
  • Have your seat in a comfortable position with your back properly supported and the rear-view mirror adjusted accordingly.
  • Check the rubber on your windscreen wipers as they may have been damaged during the winter freeze.
  • Check oil and water levels before setting out and don’t forget your vehicle’s battery.

With Easter falling late this year and no lockdown, routes heading out of major towns and cities can be expected to be heavier than normal with a marked increase in road usage and many coastal towns will see an increase of holidaymakers heading their way.

If you are travelling don’t forget to book your vehicle in with A1 Clutches for a clutch and gearbox check-up, we offer a free courtesy car (subject to availability) and the most competitive prices in the Midlands. Call our friendly team today on 0121 522 2094.

On behalf of all the team at A1 Clutches we wish

everyone safe travelling and happy driving.