Avoiding a Winter Car Accident & Christmas Gifts for a Driver

The weather is getting colder and there’s a good chance that it may snow overnight. For many of us leaving early for work, we have little time to scrape the ice and snow off our car. We might clear the windscreen and decide to get going, only to find that there is a layer of frozen snow on the roof which slides onto the front windscreen and suddenly blocks the view. Bang! You’ve collided with the car in front!

This is just one example of a winter car accident and although minor, it might have been so much worse. It makes sense to be prepared for cold weather emergencies and we’ve compiled a handy list of things that you might consider having in your car for your winter driving safety.As Christmas is coming and the countdown is on, there are few shopping days left. If you are undecided on a gift for a driver, any of the items listed below might be well received.

Get a snow brush – something that will swiftly remove that layer of snow on the roof of your vehicle. Work around all surfaces and brush the snow away. Use an ice scraper to clear windows and lights.

Invest in a thick, warm, waterproof pair of gloves. Gloves will make the task of clearing your car of snow and ice so much more comfortable. Frozen fingers are no fun.

Keep a collapsible shovel in your vehicle. If you get stuck in snow you will need to clear the way to enable you to drive on.

If the worst happens and you find yourself stranded following a crash or breakdown you will be grateful that you kept a blanket in the car. Wrap up and stay warm while you wait for assistance.

Have you considered carrying a pack of rock salt in your emergency kit? Spreading it on the snow will quickly help your tyres gain traction if the car is stuck.

Ensure that you have antifreeze in your windscreen washer fluid. This will help clear your windscreen and improve visibility, especially if it is snowing or if you are travelling in traffic that causes heavy icy spray.

Don’t forget to keep a first aid kit handy. This could be crucial if someone is hurt in a crash.

If you are unfortunate and have to make a stop, pullover safely and use reflectors.Keep these in your winter kit and make sure that your vehicle is visible to other road users.

Carry a torch. Be visible. If you are stranded or breakdown, you may need a torch to establish the problem. A wind-up torch is ideal.

Jump leads may be the last thing you think of keeping in your car but batteries are affected in cold weather and this piece of kit will ensure that you can keep your heater running if you are stranded or get you going again when needed.

Food! Keep your energy levels up with a non-perishable snack and a bottle of water. The well-prepared driver will have a flask with a hot drink in his vehicle before setting out in winter conditions.

Last but not least we strongly recommend that you carry a charger for your phone. The phone is your communication tool and essential in a crisis.

Wherever you are travelling during the winter months, everyone at A1 Clutches wishes you a safe and trouble-free journey. Happy motoring!