Autumn Driving with A1 Clutches

The weather is changing as we officially leave summer behind and head into autumn. For many, this third season of the year is one of the most beautiful times in our calendar with leaves tumbling from the trees, their colours vibrant rusts, reds and gold. There is a smell of bonfires as we prepare our gardens for the months ahead and sunsets are lower and glow brightly to reflect the darkening days.

But the altering weather can present challenging conditions for drivers and here at A1 Clutches we want our drivers to travel safely. Follow our guidelines below to help you have a smooth ride into Autumn.

Heavy Rain

Autumn can bring heavy rain and by keeping your speed down you will find that you keep better control of your vehicle in difficult conditions. Use dipped headlights but avoid turning your rear fog lights on unless absolutely necessary, as this can blind drivers behind you. Don’t forget to check your brakes too.


It gets darker earlier at this time of year, so check that your lights are turned on. Remember that this is a legal requirement, thirty minutes after sunset, so don’t get caught out.


Change those wipers if they are a couple of years old. You need good visibility as the nights get darker.


 Keep your screen clean. Use a good quality screen wash and at this time of year, add an additive to prevent freezing.


This prevents corrosion in the engine all year round so make sure that you check the coolant reservoir in your vehicle. If you are in any doubt at all, get your garage to test this for you.


Don’t think you need them in the car in autumn? Think again. The sun is low at this time of year and can be hazardous for drivers. Make sure you have your shades. If you are dazzled, slow down.


It goes without saying that you need to have the legal limit tyre tread which is 1.6mm. As we head into the colder months the recommended minimum is 3.0mm


Is your battery over four years old? Consider changing it and thus prevent it failing in the colder months. You don’t want to be stranded.


The wind can whip up suddenly in autumn and high-sided vehicles and caravans are in danger of being blown over. Keep a safe distance away from them and lower your speed. Remember that the faster you drive, the more chance of drifting across the road in a gust of heavy wind.


Autumnal weather can blow trees and debris onto our roads and leaves can be hazardous. If the weather is bad, think ahead to what might be around the next corner. Anticipate what lies ahead.


If you are unfortunate and breakdown in the rain, don’t open your bonnet. Your vehicle’s electrical don’t like getting wet and waterlogged. Wait for roadside recovery.


Yes, we know, driving through a puddle can be fun, but not if you’re a cyclist or pedestrian who has just got soaked by your discourteousness. Be nice.

Wherever you drive to this autumn, everyone at A1 Clutches wishes you a safe and happy journey.