Back to School

Summer has come to a close and as parents and guardians get ready for a new school term many will be bracing themselves for the inevitable school run that is made in the car every weekday, to get children to and from school. Some people will dread this journey which may involve facing rush hour traffic with a car packed with children, but it is an unavoidable part of the school calendar.

Taking a child to school in a car is the second most popular mode of transport, after walking, according to the Department of Transport’s National Travel Survey. To help child-chauffeurs keep a cool head, enabling them to enjoy a stress-free journey, we have compiled a few tips below that may come in useful and allow car drivers and pedestrians to travel safely on the school run.

• If you’re driving near a school, make sure that you are aware of the speed limits. The speed limit is there for a very good reason.

• Look out for the school crossing patrol who will safely guide pedestrians across the road during the beginning and end of a school day. Slow down and give them plenty of space and time.

• School buses make frequent stops, so if you are behind one be extra vigilant of young people getting on and off. Slow down and be patient.

• Many children ride their bike to school. Children move fast and don’t always pay attention so give the young cyclist plenty of room and be prepared to stop suddenly. Leave at least three feet between your car and the cyclist when passing. Don’t forget to check all your mirrors when opening your door.

• Play an audio book in the car whilst on the school run and entertain the children and driver. If your kids use phones or tablets, they will be looking down, which in a car, can cause travel sickness. An audio book is a great solution.

• If there is a breakfast club at your child’s school, it might be useful to take advantage of this and drop the youngsters off early which will enable the driver to miss the heavy rush hour traffic.

• Be a role model for the occupants of the car. If you drive well, there’s a fair chance they will drive well in future. Aggressive driving is a definite ‘No’. Take your time, stick to the rules of the road and don’t get distracted.

• Can you share the driving with other guardians or parents? Car sharing is a great way of reducing the number of vehicles around the school and frees up extra time for the drivers.

• Remember that children are unpredictable and can be preoccupied when going to or from school. Drive slowly and carefully.

• Keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. Travel safely in a roadworthy car. A1 Clutches are the leading clutch and gearbox specialists in the Midlands. We operate from multiple sites and look forward to assisting you. Speak to our friendly staff or visit today for a most competitive quote.

We wish everyone a happy and safe new school year, from all the staff at A1 Clutches.