New Speeding Fines from 24th April

Today (24th April 2017) sees the introduction of tougher punishments for speeding offences in England and Wales. The new guidelines, will fine motorists caught doing 51mph in a 30mph speed limit or 101mph on a motorway will start from 150% of the drivers weekly income, not the previous level of 100% of the drivers weekly […]

Prepare your Vehicle for Easter

After a long winter, the long awaited Easter break is just around the corner the ideal time to give your vehicle a thorough check over, particularly if you are hoping to get away for a family break over the holiday period. Millions of motorists are expected to hit the roads this Easter holiday, before hitting […]

How Long has the Diesel Engine Left?

According to industry administrators diesel just has eight years left. Battery-controlled electric vehicles will rule the market inside the eight years say senior officials in the UK motor industry. In a striking scene switch, the innovation synonymous with diesel vehicles is anticipated to be dispatched to the scrap heap, as vehicle producers grasp more proficient, […]

Stay Strong London

A1 Clutches wish to express their most profound condolences for all who were killed and injured in this outrageous attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been affected by this horrific act.

How Do I Know When My Clutch Is Ready For Replacing

A very basic way of explaining clutch operation from the driver’s perspective is: You press your clutch pedal, select a gear, release the clutch pedal and accelerate smoothly. The clutch allows the engine power to be applied gradually, enabling you to pull away smoothly from a standing start and it interrupts the power train to […]